Tips When Talking Dirty

When using dirty talk lines, you need to take your time and start slow. Your partner needs to feel that he is appreciated and that you want his company. There are different ways of communicating this to him. I like to use sticky notes and leave a message in his car or in the house where he will see it. Sometimes I may go as far as sending him an email at work and telling him how much I loved how we kissed last night.

Usually, he will end up responding one way or another and will want to hear more. This is where you need to use dirty talk lines that are even more steamier. Tell him how you love when he does those naughty things to you. He will probably ask which thing you are talking about. This gets him to ponder about the last time you two were intimate.

The more he thinks about the last time you made love, the more he will want to experience it again. This can only stimulate his sex hormones and make you want more. It is almost like bait to get him in bed with you. Also, men will never forget a past good experience and this is a fact.

Once you have in bed with you, this is where you need to use your dirty talk lines. The idea is to talk to him by whispering, groaning or moaning. This is so important as it can really can arouse a man.

With your body language and breathing, you can indicate to him where you want to be touched and in which way. The more you feel it in certain areas, the more you would moan or breath. This usually comes naturally for some women.

Once you have made a point with your moaning and breathing, you need to throw in your dirty talk lines. Talk about your body and how his body looks. Many men like to be told they are big physically or bigger in certain places.

Then, you need to do that one thing that he absolutely loves and stop for a moment. Look him straight in the eyes and ask him if he wants more. Its best to use dirty talk lines when asking him if he wants more. This will make it even more steamy for him.

If you engage him to talk with you, it will encourage you to use more dirty talk lines. Men will naturally say something back. This is where you need to counter him with even steamier dirty talk lines. This method is only one of many that I learned from the dirty talk guide.

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