Talking Dirty – Examples You Can Use When There’s Only the Two of You

If you are natural and spontaneous when it comes to talking dirty, examples are not necessary: you can come up with different dirty lines every time you are making love to your partner. But there are many people who, unlike you, have no idea what to say, when things are getting hot in the bedroom, to make them even hotter. Just like any other ability, dirty talk needs practice. You just have to start, and, sooner than you know it, you will be a master of dirty talking.

Dirty talk is a terrific way to increase the intimacy and pleasure in your relationship and to bring diversity into your sex life. Both men and women love to hear their partner’s talk dirty, because it makes them feel attractive, and it triggers their sexual desire. Dirty talk and role playing are just two things you can try to create unforgettable moments with your lover. But whatever you try, make sure you both enjoy it.

People have certain preferences in terms of dirty talk. Men and women differ when it comes to the dirty words they mostly enjoy. Just because you would like to hear something when your lover touches you, it doesn’t mean your partner also likes it. It is difficult to read the mind of the person you love. If you don’t know what to say when talking dirty, examples like the ones below could help you diversity your repertoire.

Talking dirty – examples you can use to impress your girlfriend

Women usually like to be told how attractive and beautiful they are. If you want to make your girlfriend crazy with desire, describe everything you like about her, and everything that turns you on about her. You can use dirty words to praise her body, her voice or her moves. Make her feel like she is the most attractive woman in the whole world. Let her know how much you like what she does to you. Tell her that no other woman has made you feel like this.

If you want to talk dirty to your girlfriend, remember that women like softer words than men do. Do not use extremely vulgar words, unless she likes to hear them. Her reactions are the best sign that she enjoys what you are telling her.

Talking dirty – examples you can use to blow your boyfriend’s mind

Men love to hear you praise their virility and masculinity. Make your boyfriend feel like a sex god by describing how good he makes you feel, how much you want him to continue what he’s doing to you, how sexy his body is, and how potent he is in bed. When you feel great, tell him exactly what sensations his touches trigger in you. Men adore hearing their partner’s satisfied voice and moaning.

Another thing men really like is seeing their girlfriend take the lead. Don’t wait for him to satisfy you, tell him exactly what you want him to do to you, when, and how. And don’t take “no” for an answer. Be bossy, and you will surely surprise your man with your attitude.

If you like talking dirty, examples become useless

Couples are different, and so are their dirty talk repertoires. It’s ok to look for some inspirational examples of dirty talk to use in the bedroom, but the best thing would be to come up with your personal dirty lines. You and your partner should negotiate the level of dirtiness that pleases you both and the type of dirty talk you enjoy. Dirty talk will become your little secret that nobody else has access to.

Talking dirty – examples you will not get enough of

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