Dirty Talk Lines For The Phone

Using dirty talk lines on the phone can turn into one of the most exciting conversations you will ever have. In fact, it is a huge business as people are paying big bucks for it everyday. When looking at all the different places you can use dirty talk lines, the phone has to be on of the easiest. The reason is that it`s much simpler to do it over the phone then in person.

The first thing you need to do is quit all the mental dialogue or worrying before your call him. Go in with an open mind say anything you may feel. To make it flow well, try your best not hold back any words or feelings.

Tell your partner that you are touching yourself, which is a sure way to turn him on. Your goal is to let him hear you moan and whisper a few times. Keep in mind that your presentation is important as you are painting an erotic picture in his head.

The more he gets into it, the more comfortable you will feel to take it to the next level. When it comes to talking about your private parts, you can use whichever words you feel comfortable with. There are so many to choose from that it would be impossible to name all of them.

The most important thing is not to get carried away with your fantasy and listen to his reactions. He may start responding and you need to listen to his dirty talk lines. Next, you will want to build on what he is saying.

For example, he may be telling you that he wants you touch yourself deeper. In that case, you should do it (if you are comfortable) and tell him how that makes you feel. I would go even futher by saying “I’m getting really wet” and moan his name really loud.

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