Dirty Talk Lines For The Kitchen

Your dirty talk lines do not need to begin when you are in bed. Believe it or not, they can start in the kitchen. In fact, this is a great way to give your partner a tease before you really get things started. Also, you’ll feel even more comfortable to say things in the bedroom when he begins responding to you.

I like to give my boyfriend a little tease with my body language and words. I like to catch his eye with whatever I am doing in the kitchen. For example, I take a cucumber that I’m planning to cut in his salad and I gently stroke it while he is watching me.

If you do not have a cucumber, try the following tomato technique:

I grab a big chunk of sliced tomato and take a bite while the juice drips onto my lips, then I suck it off. I look at him and tell him things like how juicy and tasty it is. Afterwards, I lick the dollop of cream of my thumb and give him a look while I am doing it. Then, I would say things like “ìt`s so tasty, kinda like you” and would look him directly in the eyes.

I know it sounds a little weird but, it may be a good idea to practice this in front of the mirror till you are comfortable. The more natural you look, the better the outcome. Also, it is always important to look at him while you are doing any of these things. Men love being looked at while the woman is doing or saying something naughty.

With the tomato technique, I like to always show my actions as body language is important. Then, I say thing that will really catch his attention. The idea is not say all of your dirty talk lines too soon as you are trying to slowly build up excitement for the bedroom.

From this scenario, you can see that dirty talk lines do not always need to be hardcore and that you can impress your partner with your actions and words. Its important to be comfortable with things you are saying so that you actions will match your words. This is why I practiced dirty talk lines infront of the mirror when I started out.

A good tip is to start out slow and marginally move up with steamier dirty talk lines. The more he is responding to you, the more confidence you will have to say naughty things.

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